Create a Customized Gmail Signature and Header with the FREE Canva Educator Account

How do I Customize my Gmail Header

Kick off the new school year with a newly customized Gmail signature and/or header using the FREE educator account at Canva!

Create a Customized Gmail Signature

Create a signature card with images, contact information and badges.

Here’s how:

1.Create your FREE educator account at

2. Type “email signatures” in the search bar and you’ll gain access to 1,000s of free templates that you may fully customize. (Or, create your own template using 400×200 pixels.)

3. Change the fonts, images, and background colors to your liking! Don’t forget to add any badges you may have earned.

4. Download your image as a PNG file once finished.

5. Open your Gmail, click on the GEAR to access the Settings in your Gmail account.

6. Scroll down to “Signature” and select “New Signature”.

7. Click on the image icon to add your new signature image!

Video Tutorial Below

YouTube Tutorial: Create Custom Gmail Signatures

Create a Customized Gmail Header

Canva also makes it super easy to create your customized Gmail header. This could be the perfect option for your newsletters and group emails.

Here’s an example of a header template you could insert into your newsletter template:

Example of an email header


YouTube Video: Create Custom Email Headers

Have you updated your Gmail signature or header? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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