Testimonials Summer/Fall 2017 Summits and Bootcamps

“If your teachers need a presentation that is chock full of useful information presented in an engaging manner, then you should have Jolianne be your presenter for the day.”


“Joli was an amazing presenter. She is dynamic and helpful. Joli not only presented but she also gave us time to work with the tools and modeled many different grade levels and topics. Her easygoing demeanor helps set the tone for a great PD session.”

“I am blown away as a teacher by all the different ways I can utilize technology to gather fast and fabulous formative assessments! I have learned so much and grown as aneducator. Thank you for all that you do.”

“Joli is a great trainer. She particularly excels at troubleshooting issues during her session. For example, she was able to help a participant troubleshoot sign in errors while still explaining her point that tours can be built for any grade level or content area.”Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.02.51 PM

“I would recommend this training to any grade level teacher. I am a tech teacher and can’t wait to use these new tools and share them with my school.”

“Joli was outstanding…so great, easy to understand and answered all questions with knowledgeable answers. Her materials were well organized and beautiful. I especially liked that she gave us opportunities to practice what we learned. :)”

“Such great materials! You did a great job giving the overview of HyperDocs. Clear, concise and beautiful materials!”

“Joli is engaging, informative, and passionate as a presenter; she knows her stuff!”

“Joli layers many levels of learning in her presentation. She provides great resources. examples and ways to implement tools for various levels of learners.”

“Great information with so much valuable information. These provide great way for all students to have access to the lessons, at their level.”

“Joli is an energetic and passionate technology educator. She demonstrates with one thing in mind – to show teachers how to provide high quality instruction to their students. She makes technology fun, engaging, and exciting!”

“This session was fantastic– your approach was so engaging and the pacing was excellent. Thank you for sharing your expertise.”

“This session was well organized, informative and useful.”

“Joli made the application accessible and demonstrated the ease of implementation and value to students and educators of the Tourbuilder tool. Will give it a try this week!”

“Wow! I am a very tech savvy teacher, but this goes beyond words how much more I could have been incorporating into my classroom all this time.”


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