Consolidate Assignments by Using Google Sheets

Are you creating beautiful daily lesson plans for students using Google Slides? Are your assignments posted into Google Classroom along with links, tasks, and templates and followed with a detailed checklist created in Docs? I'm sure you spent a lot of time creating these resources! But, are we creating too MANY resources and links for … Continue reading Consolidate Assignments by Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets Holiday “Shopping”

Teach an introductory lesson to Google Sheets by doing some holiday shopping! Link to Template¬†(Click TEMPLATE in the right corner to make a copy) What will students learn? Students will learn how to enter data, enter basic formulas, use FUNCTIONS, and create a graph by following the directions in the second tab. They can even … Continue reading Google Sheets Holiday “Shopping”

Evaluating the Authenticity of Websites

The Objective This month, students in grades 3-5 evaluated the authenticity of three different websites. Students often are unaware that anyone may create a website and frequently believe that anything they read online is valid. If we are going to teach students how to use search engines and conduct research, then we must also show … Continue reading Evaluating the Authenticity of Websites

Digital Hall Passes using QR Codes

This Fall, educators are doing everything they can to provide sanitized materials for our students. But what about those old, laminated bathroom passes or sign-out notebooks? If your students have access to a device that can scan QR codes you may want to consider using digital hall passes. Most all newer model SMARTphones, tablets and … Continue reading Digital Hall Passes using QR Codes