Google Sheets Holiday “Shopping”

Google Sheets Holiday Shopping

Teach an introductory lesson to Google Sheets by doing some holiday shopping!

Link to Template (Click TEMPLATE in the right corner to make a copy)

What will students learn?

Students will learn how to enter data, enter basic formulas, use FUNCTIONS, and create a graph by following the directions in the second tab. They can even check off the items as they work using the checkboxes.

Where do students “shop”?

Students shop using this imaginary inventory. Shop for toys, household items, electronics, or even clothes and personal items! Or, you could link to real online markets or create a catalog.

How can I differentiate for different learners?

This activity is geared toward students in Grades 3-5. You may differentiate the activity by using different templates linked using the Tabs at the bottom of the Sheet. For example, if you want a template with the formulas or headings already inserted, you could use the tab labeled “Differentiation with Formulas”.

What do students graph?

I added this easy activity for students to graph sales of popular toys. Then, use the checklist below to analyze the data and enter formulas!

How may I assess learning?

This template comes with an Exit Ticket, but you could create a rubric to assess the completion of the project.

Do your students do any “holiday shopping” using Google Sheets? I’d love to see your lesson!

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