Consolidate Assignments by Using Google Sheets

Are you creating beautiful daily lesson plans for students using Google Slides? Are your assignments posted into Google Classroom along with links, tasks, and templates and followed with a detailed checklist created in Docs? I’m sure you spent a lot of time creating these resources! But, are we creating too MANY resources and links for our students?

Last week, I watched my 10-year-old son attempt to complete all his assignments in Google Classroom. My son is relatively tech-savvy and loves working digitally, but he was LOST. There were too many links, too many Classroom topics, and too many places to “go”. In fact, I had difficulty helping him locate some of the resources!

The Problem

Sometimes less is more. Creating multiple resources, Classroom topics, links, and Docs to help our students stay organized could possibly be counter-productive, especially while helping our youngest learners. Could we be making it even more challenging for students to locate and access assignments by providing too many guiding Docs?

To streamline resources in Google Classroom many edtech gurus have recommended:

1. Classroom Topics named “Today’s Links”: If you name a Google Classroom topic “Today’s Links” students will know where to find all the materials for that day! Teachers may choose to move the links under the correct subject Topic headings later.

2. Numbering Assignments: Numbering assignments makes it easy to refer to an assignment later. Also, students may be able to recall which number assignment they should work on today.

But, once you add on all the amazing Google Slides daily/weekly learning plans and Google Docs checklists it may still get a little confusing.

How could we simplify our assignments and make it easier for students?

The first solution that came to me is Google Sheets!

Google Sheets allows you to create a “one-stop-shop” for objectives, tasks, checklists, links, and more!

This daily lesson template for students allows you to add all your assignments along with a checklist for each task. Template available

Template available

Also, you can link to the specific Google Classroom Assignment in the Sheet by clicking on the 3 dots in the right-hand corner of the assignment while in Google Classroom. Then, add that link to the template.

Click the 3 dots and select “Copy-Link”

Finally, you may add a checkbox for students to complete once they have “Turned-In” each assignment.

Duplicate the template by clicking on the TAB below and selecting “duplicate”. You may rename each TAB using dates.

Duplicate Tabs by right-clicking and selecting “duplicate”.

How do you streamline your assignments?

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