Google Sheets Teacher Planbook

Digital planbooks have gained popularity throughout the years as they allow educators to access, share and collaborate on their lesson plans from any device or location. Over the years, I have created my digital lesson plans using a variety of different Google Workspace applications- but Google Sheets is my FAVORITE!

Why Google Sheets?

While most people primarily use Sheets to manipulate and share data, I have found a variety of innovative uses for the application through exemplars posted on social media and during my own exploration. Sheets allows your to create and customize a template that may be duplicated each week as you complete your plans. If interested, you may color code Sheet Tabs and also add calendars, links, text, Emojis and images. Educators may share and collaborate with colleagues, substitute teachers or administrators while assigning different editing permissions.

If you understand the basic functionalities of Sheets such as how to add, hide and merge cells then it easy to create a nice template for your lesson plans! Or, click here to make your own copy of my Google Sheets Planbook Template. Pro Tip: I use the Crop Sheet Addon to remove extra columns and rows.

Screenshot of Template (Click to Access)

Example Template created in Sheets (Click to access)

Video Tutorial

What application do you use to create your digital planbook?

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