Curate and Collaborate on a YouTube Channel by Adding User Access Permissions

Collaborate Using YouTube Access Permissions

Many educators are creating and curating content on their YouTube channels. But, did you know that YouTube Studio allows you to INVITE other Gmail users to your channel and assign different access permissions?

Here’s how!

  • Go to
  • Click on the gear to access the SETTINGS
  • Select INVITE
  • Type in user’s Gmail address (they must have a Gmail account)
  • Select ACCESS permissions for each user

What access permissions are available?

After you enter the Gmail address of the user that you wish to invite to your channel, you may then select from the following permissions:

Manager: Can add and remove others, edit everything. Can’t delete channel.

Editor: Can edit everything. Can’t add or remove others, delete videos or the channel, or enter into contracts.

Editor (Limited): Can edit everything. Can’t add or remove others, delete videos or the channel, enter into contracts or see revenue information.

Viewer: Can see everything. Can’t edit anything.

Viewer Limited: Can see everything except revenue information. Can’t edit anything.

Once the user accepts the invitation they have access to add, edit and/or view your channel!

How could inviting users and assigning permissions be helpful in education?

There are so many ways this feature is helpful in education. Here are a few examples:

  • Invite Users as Viewers: Teachers could invite students (13+), colleagues, families, and/or administrators to their channel as a viewer. This is a great way to let people know your channel exists and there is content there for class or general information.
  • Curate content as a school, team or district with Editors or Managers: Participants could be assigned either as Editors or Managers to curate content and also help monitor users and submissions. This would be a nice way to streamline the curation process and also empower other users to participate in the channel. For example, I recently added a colleague as a Manager for our new Google Educator Group New England YouTube Channel. Now we can collaborate on content for our Group!

Do you collaborate with your YouTube channel? I’d love to hear about it!

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