Emojis in Docs Toolbar and Commenting Reactions

Emojis continue to be all the rage! They are frequently inserted into text messages, emails, Google Classroom Topic posts, and now seamlessly integrate with Google Docs! As of August 29, 2022 you may now directly insert emojis into your text. Link

How do I insert an emoji?

To insert an emoji from the Toolbar simply go to Insert-Emoji. Or, you may add the @ symbol and type in a descriptor, and emoji suggestions will auto-populate.

Go to Insert- Emoji

Why would you use emojis in Google Docs?

There are many reasons why educators and students may want to add emojis to their Google Docs.

Here are some ideas:

Bullet Points

Inserting emojis instead of bullets is a fun and colorful way to spice up student assignments and materials. Tip: You can copy and paste the emojis so you do not have to revisit the toolbar.

Caption: Emojis as bullet points


While revising and editing text, users may also insert emojis for reactions! Simply highlight the text and you will now be able to insert an emoji reaction.

Caption: Emoji Reactions appear in the Commenting Tool.

Once a user adds a reaction, you will see the emoji and the number of reactions received.


Insert emojis to spruce up your headers and create a fun Table of Contents.

Caption: Create a Table of Contents with Emojis

Do you use emojis in your Docs? I’d love to hear how!

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