3 Ways to Use Google Doc’s New Dropdown Chips

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Google Docs has a brand NEW Dropdown Chips feature! I am pretty excited about this update as not only does it allow you to insert a dropdown but it also allows you to create TEMPLATES!

Today’s blog will also explore a few different ways educators may use Dropdown Chips such as designing rubric, updating flexible groupings, and progress and/or project monitoring.

How do you locate this new Dropdown Chip feature?

Option 1: Go to the Menu and select InsertDropdown.

Simply click on Insert in the Toolbar and then select Dropdown.

Image: Locate the Dropdown feature by going to InsertDropdown in the Toolbar.

Option 2: Use the @ symbol to add the Dropdown Chips

Another way you may insert a Dropdown Chip is by typing in the @ sign. You may then scroll to the bottom and select Dropdown. Or, you may also type @dropdown to quickly locate the Smart Chip.

Insert the Dropdown Smart Chip by typing @dropdown

How could you use Dropdown Chips in the classroom?

There are many different ways you could use Dropdown Chips in the classroom. Let’s explore a few different ideas:

Idea 1: Rubrics

Insert items that you wish to be included in a rubric. Make sure to name the template so you may continue to access and update the rubric as needed. You may also color code your template by changing the text and background colors.

Caption: Create a Rubric Template for your Dropdown Chips.
Caption: GIF: Dropdown Chips Inserted as Rubrics

Idea 2. Flexible Groups/Small Group Instruction

Dropdown Chips would make it much easier to create your flexible groups for small group instruction.

To do this:

  1. Go to Insert Dropdown
  2. Create a template named “Class List”
  3. Name your first student “Student”. This will serve as a placeholder.
  4. Add the rest of your students to the template.
  5. Insert the Dropdown Template “Class List” into a table for small groups.
  6. Your first placeholder Student should appear.
  7. Copy and Paste this Student Dropdown Chip into the columns as more placeholders.
Caption Gif: Dropdown Chips for Small Group Instruction.

Idea 3: Project/Progress Monitoring

You may have noticed the PRESET DROPDOWN templates when you selected Insert-Dropdown.

The Project Status template you see above will allow you to edit a template like this:

I slightly modified the template to create an example that would allow educators to monitor the progress of student science projects.

Video Tutorial

Have you used Document Chips? I’d love to hear your workflow or integration ideas!

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