Google Slides Yearbook

Google Slides Yearbook

No one can say this school year wasn’t interesting. Can you believe it’s almost over? As we approach the end of the school year you may be wondering how you may collaborate on a digital yearbook. The answer is simple….Google Slides!


This yearbook was designed for elementary students but you can find more ideas for older students at Jennifer Scott’s!

Directions: Click the link above and “Make a Copy” of the template. Now, you may edit and revise as your heart desires. I have included animated GIFs that help explain each activity and how to edit the Doc.

Activity 1: All About Me

Activity one starts on Slide 4. This activity allows students to share their interests and goals with classmates.

Step 1: For the first activity you are going to share Slide 4 in Google Classroom as “Make a Copy” for each student. To do this you could just copy and paste the Slide into a new deck. This will allow all students to edit their own Slide.

Step 2: Next, you will share the yearbook in Google Classroom as “Anyone with a Link May Edit”. Once students have finished editing their Slides, they may now go to the collaborative deck and select File-Import Slide and add their Slide.

Alternate Route: Another way you could share this activity with students is to make a copy of Slide 4 for each student. Add each student’s name to the top so they know which Slide to edit. However, I have found this method to be confusing and more cumbersome as students end up accidentally editing the wrong Slides.

Example All About Me Slide

Activity 2: Class Pictures

Activity two allows students to take a selfie or upload a photograph for the classroom picture. Students will go to Slide 7, click on the red rectangle, and go to Replace- Image. Now, students may select the camera and take a selfie!

Activity 3: Photographs

This activity was remixed from the fabulous! Students and teachers may collaborate by adding photographs of past field trips, events, projects, and lessons. Once again users would click on the image and select Replace-Image in the toolbar. If you share these Slides with parents and co-workers they could add images as well! This collaborative approach really helps streamline the process of creating a yearbook!

Example collaborative photo Slide.

Activity 4: Class Memories

Slides 16-20 allow users to share their favorite memories by clicking and dragging and editable cloud textbox! Change the background colors, fonts, and headers yourself or allow your students to customize themselves!

Have you already started your class yearbook? I’d love to see an example!

Enjoy the rest of your year!

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