4 Technology Resolutions for Staying Organized in 2020

This year I decided to make some new resolutions that will save me a lot of time by streamlining my workflow and staying organized.

Here are my 2020 resolutions for doing so using technology!

1) Ride the Wakelet Wave

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I come across dozens of resources each week that I’d like to save for future reference. But where do you save them? Do you add them to your Favorites? Do you bookmark them? Where do they go? And, how do you remember where you saved them?

Fortunately for us, Wakelet makes it super easy to save your favorite resources into categories. If you are unfamiliar with Wakelet, it works along the lines of Pinterest. You simply come across a Tweet, website or resource you’d like to curate, and then you “pin it” to a board using the app or a Chrome extension. You add add collaborators, share your collection, embed your collection, and also print the collection out as a PDF. And, it’s FREE!

I can’t even tell you how many amazing Tweets I have lost before utilizing the power of Wakelet. Now, using the Wakelet app on my phone and the extension in my Chrome Browser, I can add the Tweets to an organized collections that I may later review.

You can also make fun cover images for each collection like I did below. Click the image to check out an example of a curate list of my favorite Google Slides tips and tricks. (Here’s a Google Slides template for making a cover image.)

My Google Slides Wakelet Collection. Click the image to view.

2) Google Driving Me Crazy!

I’m not proud to admit it, but sometimes my Google Drive can be a complete mess. This year, I really want to do a better job by staying organized within my Drive from the get-go. Here are the steps I’m going to take.

  • Step 1: Delete and Narrow Down

The first step I’ll need to take is to search for all my Untitled files and delete them. I’ll do that by just typing “Untitled” into the search bar. Now, I’ll narrow down the Folder names that I will specifically need to stay organized. If you don’t know how to make a Folder it’s simple. Just go to Drive.Google.com, click on New and select Folder. Pro-Tip: Hold down Shift to select numerous files for deletion. I’ll move all my previously created files into one of these Folders.

  • Step 2: Pre-Writing Goals

This year, I’m going to add the title to my Doc and move it into a folder BEFORE I even start creating. After I type in Docs.new to create a new Doc (shortcut came out this year) I will then immediately title the Document. After you type in your title, you’ll notice a little star appears to the right allowing you to mark this document as important. You’ll also notice the little folder to the right of the star. Just click the Folder and move your new Document into the correct Folder.

  • Step 3: Shift Z to Add Documents to numerous Folders

Do you have a Doc that really should be in numerous Folders? DO NOT make copies! Instead, move the one Doc into numerous Folders using SHIFT+ Z! This way, whenever you update the Doc, it will be updated into all the Folders!

Shift Z allows you to add the Doc into numerous folders without making a bunch of unrelated copies.

3) Strawberry Shortcuts

I’ll be the first to admit I need to improve on all my Macbook trackpad shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts not only save you time, but they are less interruptive to your workflow. We all know Control-Alt-Delete will reboot your computer, and Ctrl Z will undo your last move (don’t we?) ,but do you know about the hundreds of other shortcuts that are designed to save you time? My favorite shortcut is SHIFT-Z to move a file into multiple folders. It is such a time-saver!

I decided to save time in this blog, by using the Wakelet Chrome Extension to quickly curate a list of Shortcuts resources for you. I just clicked on the extension while viewing a post in Twitter, and Wakelet asked me to name my new collection.

Click here to view my Wakelet Shortcut Folder.

My new Wakelet Collection of Shortcuts

4) Gmail Tsunami

Luckily, I was able to attend a session by Allison Mollica at an AppsEvents Summit this Summer. She provided some amazing tips on how to stay organized and prevent a “Gmail Tsunami” in my inbox! You need to check out her presentation in the link. It’s fabulous!

The most useful tip was to FILTER and LABEL my messages so that they immediately go into a folder for me to reference at a later time. For example, if I know that I want to keep all my newsletters from my favorite podcaster to read at a later time, I can make a Label called “Favorite Podcaster Newsletters” and then change my Filter to make my incoming mail from that person go into that folder. The future emails from that person will be neatly archived for me to review when I have time.

Here’s how!

  • Step 1: When you open an email, create a Label by clicking on the TAG above. Then, either select the appropriate lable by checking the box, or click “Create New” at the bottom to make a new Label. I’ll make one named “Favorite Podcaster Newsletter”.
  • Now create the Filter by going into your Settings (the cogwheel in the right corner) and choosing Filters.
  • Now create a Filter by adding the email or subject you’d like to filter. (I added a fake email for this demonstration).
  • Now select the Label you just created.

All emails from that address will now go into this labeled folder. You can find this labeled folder on the left side of your screen. Just click on it and your future emails from that address will now be found here for your viewing pleasure!

Do you have any tech resolutions to stay organized? I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “4 Technology Resolutions for Staying Organized in 2020

  1. John R. Sowash says:

    Great tips! Keeping Drive organized is a challenge!

    Using “shift + z” is one of my favorite tricks!

    Here’s another one for your list….I use emoji in Gmail, Drive, and Calendar to keep things organized!

    When I add emoji to my folders in Drive it moves my most frequently used folders to the top of my folder list and makes them easier to find.

    I created a list of ways that I use emoji in Gmail, Calendar and Classroom here: https://www.chrmbook.com/emoji-in-the-classroom/

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