Read and Write for Google Student Activity: Grades 3+

Many educators truly appreciate the benefits of using the Read and Write for Google Chrome Extension by TextHelp! When students use the Read and Write extension they have access to a variety of tools that may help all learners with their reading and writing skills. Read and Write provides support for Google Docs, Google Slides, websites, PDFs, and ePub files.

Using this extension students may:

  • Have text read aloud
  • Use a translator
  • Share audio recordings of their reading
  • Simplify busy webpages
  • Collect highlights from websites into one Google Doc
  • Leave Voice Notes
  • Access a picture dictionary
  • Use a screen mask while reading
  • Access speech-to-text typing
  • So much more!

Once you have a subscription to this amazing tool you will obviously need to teach students how to use it. Here’s an activity I made using Google Slides which shows students how to use the Read and Write Extension through different activities. This activity is also a great introduction for teachers.

Copy of the template

If you’d like to edit this template you may by making a copy using this link.

Read and Write is FREE for teachers, but you do have to purchase a subscription for students to use the extension. They also provide many video resources on YouTube and have helpful information on their website.

How do you use Read and Write?

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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource!
    I used it with my class and we enjoyed it very much.
    The toolbar and instructions were very clear.

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