Formative: A Fabulous Assessment Tool

Coaching Question: How can I use technology for formative assessments and collecting data? Formative There are so many formative assessment tools out there, but very few have the power to transform your instruction by providing feedback and helpful content all while collecting data. With Formative, teachers are able to create powerful formative assessments in a snap. … Continue reading Formative: A Fabulous Assessment Tool

Mathcast Rubrics

Coaching Question: Are there rubrics to evaluate student mathcasts? This month, many teachers have been using Google Drawing and the Screencastify extension to capture student thinking about math. The results have been amazing! Allowing students to access a rubric in advance has proven to be extremely beneficial. Rubrics allow students to know exactly what is expected … Continue reading Mathcast Rubrics

Google Cast for Education: Allowing Students to Share their Screens.

Today's Coaching Question: How can students share their screens with the classroom? Google Cast for Education has made it extremely easy for students and teachers to share their desktops with the classroom. Teachers will download a FREE app in the Chrome Store, which allows students to cast their devices onto the teacher's computer. If the … Continue reading Google Cast for Education: Allowing Students to Share their Screens.

What is Flipped Tech Coaching?

The most challenging part of "coaching" teachers with technology, is finding the time to plan lessons and explain how different tools work. Teachers have very limited planning time, and many would rather the "coaching" take form as a modeled lesson or a co-teaching experience. Therefore, I have found it extremely beneficial to flip my instruction with teachers, by offering them personalized screencasts that they may view whenever they have time.

Blended Learning Using the G Suite

It seems like everywhere you go, you hear the buzz words "flipped learning" or "blended learning" as a key to technology integration in the classroom. But, you may be wondering what that looks like and how you know if it is effective in your classroom. These days, many schools have literacy, math and technology coaches that will help you figure out that missing piece. But, what if you don't have that option? Or, what if your coaches do not have ample time to meet, discuss, and present PD on blended learning? Hopefully, this this blog can help you!