Integrating Flipgrid Across All Content Areas

Educators across all content areas and grade levels are easily able to integrate this Flipgrid into their curriculum while tremendously enhancing their lessons. 

Flipgrid is a FREE video discussion platform used by millions of students and educators across the globe! Teachers post a topic in a grid (alongside any resources or links) and students may leave detailed video responses. You may also search the Disco Library and find activities already created by other educators and then modify and share them with your students. I love Flipgrid so much that I became a Flipgrid Ambassador a couple years ago!

Why Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a fabulous tool for promoting student thinking, offering instant feedback and providing students with an authentic audience. Students are so engaged by creating these video responses. Paired with the digital stickers and the social media features (such as the many different “like” buttons and video replies) it’s a guaranteed success!

Newer Updates:

  1. AR capabilities: Scan the QR code in the Flipgrid app and see your responses become augmented reality.
  2. Video Shorts: Login to your educator account. Go to Navigate Shorts in your dashboard. Click “Record a Short”. Share the link to your short anywhere!
  3. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader: The Immersive Reader now works in the assignment description and also the student feedback area.
  4. Supercharged Replies: Students may now add titles and attachments to their replies.
  5. Closed Captions: Closed captions are now added to every video response. Now you may even edit the captions!
  6. Filters: There are now a variety of filters allowing students to modify the video appearance. The pixelated filter is an amazing option for students that are reluctant to record their faces.
  7. Whiteboard: There is now a whiteboard feature allowing students to draw and type information in their video.
  8. Epic: Flipgrid now works with the popular reading app, Epic! Students may read a story and then reflect on their reading using Flipgrid.

What other apps work with Flipgrid? 

If you search the Disco Library you will find activities that integrate with Epic, Wonderopolis, Tynker, Skype, Pebble Go,, Flowcabulary, Nearpod, and more! Find your favorite activity and share it with students by simply copying and pasting the link into your desired app. Or, have students join by entering a code a

How may I integrate Flipgrid into my curriculum?

Flipgrid provides a HUGE integration library and also an amazing ebook guide for educators.  Here are some of my ideas for integrating Flipgrid in your curriculum. (I used Google’s Autodraw program to create the images.)

Flipgrid infographic

Collaborate with educators from around the world!

Flipgrid makes it easy to collaborate with like-minded educators around the world. Simply click on #GridPals in your dashboard and search for an educator. You may choose to allow educators to search your profile and connect with you. You may also filter by grades and subject area.

Have you tried using Flipgrid? How are you using it with your students?

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