Collaborative Storyboard for BrainPOP’s Make a Movie

This month, we have been creating movies using BrainPOP’s new Make a Movie tool. Students have been so engaged as they create informative videos about Westward Expansion.

Creating a Storyboard

To prepare students for the movie-making process, you could use BrainPOP’s Make a Map tool to create the storyboard. But, unless students are working independently, the are limited in their ability to collaborate online. Also, I felt limited in providing students with specific feedback as I am accustomed to Google’s Commenting, Editing, and Suggesting tools. This is why I decided I would like to create a Google Drawing template for students to use while drafting their storyboards.

HyperDrawing Storymap

The following Google Drawing template is what I like to call a HyperDrawing. It is not just a Drawing with links as it also has opportunities for students to explore and engage in activities using directions in the “gutter” on the sides. I was also able to embed a video that could easily be enlarged once clicked on.

(To view- click to enlarge and Make a Copy. Change the View to 50%)


What’s Missing

I do wish I could embed a BrainPOP video within Google Drawings. But, you need to be logged into BrainPOP to watch the videos. The only way students could watch the video and work on the their storyboard would be by using Make a Map tool within BrainPOP. Or, they would just have to switch tabs between BrainPOP and Google Drawings as they work. Or, maybe BrainPOP will add a feature allowing students to collaborate online someday. One can only hope!

Have your students tried Make a Movie?

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