Google Keep: Talking About Math: #MathSnaps

Some educators are referring to annotated digital images of student math problems as #mathsnaps- a term coined after the popular “booksnaps”. The idea of mathsnaps is that students will use technology to capture and archive student thinking within minutes! While Google Keep is certainly not the only application you can use to share thinking about mathematics, it does have many benefits.

Why Google Keep?

Student may:

  • Take a photograph
  • Add annotations to the image
  • Record their thinking
  • Receive a transcript to edit and revise
  • Share with a teacher
  • Collaborate with a colleague
  • Add links to websites or documents
  • Receive feedback
  • Insert Keep Notes into Google Docs, Drawings, or Slides
  • Save in The Cloud

Video Tutorial

I used the FREE screen recorder on IOS 11 to create this short video tutorial.

In Summary

The next time you distribute student tests or quizzes or just want a quick formative assessment, consider asking students to demonstrate their understanding and corrections by using Google Keep. It’s free. It’s easy. And, it’s fun!

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