7 Key Points for Evaluating Your HyperDocs

There are so many amazing HyperDocs out there for you to share, use and modify. Maybe you are even creating your own HyperDocs! But, what differentiates a really good HyperDoc from just an average learning activity? What is the big picture? What are your goals? Keeping the SAMR model in mind for redefining the task, I have come up with 7 key points.

7 Key Points for Evaluating HyperDocs

  1. Activate Prior Knowledge
  2. Engage Explore
  3. Collaboration
  4. Apply/Creation
  5. Self-Assess/Reflect
  6. Authentic Audience
  7. Student Choice

Providing students with an authentic audience and choice is so important when it comes to engaging students and promoting creativity. It is so very important to make sure these key items are provided throughout your HyperDoc.

I would not say that I have completed one HyperDoc to perfection. I am constantly going back and making changes as I learn about new tools and ideas. And, not every HyperDoc is going to have touched on all these key points, but it is so beneficial to keep them in mind.

Click on the Doc below to enlarge and make your own copy of this guide.

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