Comic Strips Using Google Drawings

These days, there are dozens of apps and websites available for creating and integrating comic strips into the classroom using characters and scenery provided by the designers. But do students really need these websites? Why not have them create their own comic strips using Google Drawings?

Why Google Drawings?

  • Collaboration: Students may share their comic strip and collaborate with a partner and receive instant feedback using the Comment tool.
  • Research: Students may use the EXPLORE tool to continue researching their topic.
  • Creativity: Students may customize their comic strips without being limited by the software’s permissions.
  • Convenience: Comic strips will automatically be saved into the student’s Google Drive without hassle.
  • Cost: It’s FREE.


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.17.56 PM

5 Creative Ideas for Using Comics in the Classroom

  1. Health: Students create scenarios explaining how to react during certain situations. For example, students can create informational comic strips explaining how to react to bullying, peer pressure, or stress.
  2. Math: Students create and solve word problems while explaining their thought processes. For example, students create a comic strip applying a number sentence to a real-life scenario.
  3. ELA: Students may retell or summarize a story. Or, dig deeper to summarize characters’ traits, problems, conflicts, or resolutions within their reading assignment. Students could even create a comic strip to demonstrate an understanding of unfamiliar vocabulary terms. For example, students create a comic strip reenacting a scene that provides evidence of the main character’s internal character traits.
  4. Science: Students explain a science concept. For example, students create a comic strip explaining the water cycle.
  5. Social Studies: Students could summarize a historical event or reasons for immigration. They could discuss a region’s features, economy, location, agriculture, or landforms. For example, students create a comic strip with a character discussing the landforms found in the region.


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Google Drawings Cartoon Templates- Feel free to modify and share!


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.45.33 PM

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea and the templates!! Can you share the 3×3 grid? The image is linked to the 2×3 one as well! Thank you!!

  2. The grid is not allowing me to edit. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks again! I love the ideas.

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