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Would you like me to provide you with a tutorial and/or resources to help you integrate technology into your classroom? Post your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas below and I will create a tutorial for you shortly.


General Classroom

Blended Learning

Google Docs

Google Chrome

Google Calendar

Google Drawing

Google Drive

Google Forms

Google Keep

How can Keep help me add standards to my lesson plans?

  • How can students share their thinking with Google Keep?


Google Sheets




Social Studies


Here are some rubrics that may help you assess your students or your teaching:

Video Editing

Formative Assessments: How can I use technology to collect formative assessments?

  • How can I add questions to my screencasts or videos I found online?


  • Thanksgiving: Grades 2-12  Objective: Go on an interactive journey while learning about the First Thanksgiving. Suggestion: Make a copy for students to use in Google Classroom.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Hyperdoc: Grades 3-12


  • HyperDrawings! Create amazing flipped and blended lessons for Math!
  • Mathcasting: Learn how to use Google Drawing and Screencastify to create mathcasts. (Video recordings of your screen)
  • Mathcast Rubrics: Learn how to create rubrics for your mathcasts or use my template
  • Comic Strips: Create math comic strips using Google Drawings
  • Google Keep to Share Thinking: How can students share their thinking with Google Keep? Blog

ELA: Reading and Writing


Social Studies

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