Coaching Lessons

Would you like me to provide you with a tutorial and/or resources to help you integrate technology into your classroom? Post your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas below and I will create a tutorial for you shortly.


General Classroom

Google Docs

Google Chrome

Google Calendar

Google Drawing

Google Drive

Google Forms

Blended Learning

Social Studies

Video Editing

Formative Assessments

  • How can I use technology to collect formative assessments?


  • Thanksgiving: Grades 2-12  Objective: Go on an interactive journey while learning about the First Thanksgiving. Suggestion: Make a copy for students to use in Google Classroom.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Hyperdoc: Grades 3-12


  • Mathcasting: Learn how to use Google Drawing and Screencastify to create mathcasts. (Video recordings of your screen)
  • Mathcast Rubrics: Learn how to create rubrics for your mathcasts or use my template
  • HyperDrawings: Create amazing flipped and blended lessons for math class.

ELA: Reading and Writing



How do I enter goals in Aspen?

How do I organize my evaluation evidence?

How can I sign out the hardware?

  • Screencast: Who has the iPads or Chromebook cart? Viewing your Calendars from your Google Drive.

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