Wild About Wixie!

Disclaimer: Wixie requires a PAID subscription.

This year, teachers in our district are excited to start using Wixie once again! Although Wixie is designed for students in grades K-12, we only use Wixie with our Kindergarten through 2nd grade students.  I am very excited to show teachers how they may access or create templates allowing students to introduce themselves and write about their goals for the year. I am sure students will be eager to share their experiences, questions, and ideas with their classmates.

What is Wixie?
Wixie is an online tool students can use to construct knowledge and communicate ideas using technology.  In our school, teachers in Grades K-2 find that Wixie allows students to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills as well. Wixie helps teachers integrate technology into all subject areas including many very important Common Core ELA standards which require students to integrate technology.

Example Standards Met:
Create audio recordings of stories or poems; add drawings or other visual displays to stories or recounts of experiences when appropriate to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.
With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers.

Wixie is more than just a student tool.
Teachers are connected to students and classes and can create and assign work, develop activities, create rubrics, and evaluate projects for these classes.

For example, with Wixie, our teachers may:
1. Create and assign activities designed to help them meet specific learning goals.
2. Manage student work and progress, as well as individualize and differentiate instruction.
3. Evaluate student projects.
4. Leave students comments/feedback.
5. Share projects with parents or another authentic audience.
6. View all of a student’s projects with dates.
7.Attach standards to student work.
8.Export a list of Common Core standards that apply to work each has done.

Our Preferred Way to Login:

In our district, teachers and students login using Clever. Clever is a very convenient way for students to scan a QR Code and access all their account subscriptions. This tool has eliminated the challenging tasks of having younger users remember and correctly enter their usernames and passwords.

Try Wixie now

According to the Wixie website, You can try an evaluation version of Wixie that lets you paint pictures, add text, and add clip art. However, the full version of Wixie also lets students save projects in the cloud, record voice, take pictures, import files, share projects, and export ePubs.

In Summary

Wixie is a fabulous tool for the younger students. The interface is quite intuitive and the students really enjoy creating their own digital artifacts. The text-boxes are sometimes hard to manipulate and resize, but that is far from a deal-breaker. Also, I find that students have more success with Wixie while using a laptop or desktop as opposed to a tablet. I do wish that Wixie would integrate a screencasting tool within the platform. That would be amazing!

Great Resource Links to Check Out

  • Wixie Webinar: A detailed screencast tutorial
  • Resource Kits Tech4Learning has developed a series of resource kits to help classroom teachers successfully integrate Wixie into Common Core State Standards, Virginia SOLs, and Texas TEKs. There are also kits to support literacy, science, second-language learners, and reading programs like Journeys and Treasures. http://www.tech4learning.com/wixie/kits
  • Wixie by Tech4Learning: Facebook Fan Page Receive updates about Wixie in your Facebook feed, as well as find and share student projects by “liking” the Wixie by Tech4Learning fan page on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/WixiebyTech4Learning
  • Wixie Tips Emails: Teachers can sign up for regular emails which include information and ideas to help you: • engage students with creative projects • connect with parents • make the most of the Wixie teacher tools http://web.tech4learning.com/wixie-getting-started
  • Wixie Videos: Visit the Wixie YouTube channel to find how-to videos as well as instructional resources for Wixie. http://bit.ly/wixie-youtube
  • Wixie Lesson Plans: Creative Educator lessons for Wixie provide high-level ideas for engaging students in the curriculum while building creativity, communication, and critical thinking. http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/lessons/wixie
  • Wixie Activities: Visit the Trading Post to find teacher-created activities and samples for Wixie projects. Wixie can also open Pixie files, so you don’t need to limit your searches and downloads. http://tradingpost.tech4learning.com



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