Example Writer’s Workshop HyperDrawing: Revising Your Lead

Coaching Question: How can I use the G Suite for Education to create blended learning activities during Writer’s Workshop?

Answer: Create blended learning activities using Google Drawings!

Why Google Drawings?

I have decided that Google Drawings is my preferred tool for most blended or flipped learning activities. Transform your Google Drawings into HyperDrawings by adding:

  • Videos
  • Links to websites, games, screencasts, formative assessments
  • Comments
  • Text
  • Photographs
  • Images
  • Share with a partner

Here is an example blended learning activity that I created using Google Drawings. (Click to Make a Copy)

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.45.31 PM

I believe every blended learning activity should have opportunities for students to explore, engage, create, apply learning, share, self-assess, and collaborate.

What tools could I use to add to create a blended learning activity?

Here are the tools I used to make this happen:

  • Explore: Teacher created mock screencast. (Try creating your own) Yes! You can add a video to Google Drawings. Click here to learn how! Students just click to maximize the video.
  • Engage: Watch the video again and answer questions about learning using EdPuzzle
  • Create: Add snapshots of your writing.
  • Apply: Revise your writing. Add revision snapshots.
  • Share: Create a screencast explaining your revisions using Screencastify.
  • Self-Assess: Google Forms to assess student revisions
  • Collaborate: Share Google Drawing with a partner for feedback

And of course, I love to add my Bitmojis 🙂

How do you create blended or flipped learning activities for Writer’s Workshop?

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