Organizing Your Teacher Evaluation Evidence Using G Suite

Coaching Question: How can I organize the evidence for my teacher evaluation in my Google Drive?

This year, the district asked teachers to share artifacts/evidence for their evaluations by using Google Drive. However, as I began adding my evidence, I found it challenging to keep track of what had been added and where it was located. And, I could not add a captions to explain why each artifact was relevant to the standard. So, I decided to use Google Docs and Google Drawings to organize my information. And, my evaluator agreed that it was “Perfect!”. Yay!

Here’s what my cover page looks like:


Here’s a tutorial explaining the steps:

Copy and Save the Template

If you would like the templates, click here to access the folder. Then, right click on the folder and select “Add to My Drive”. Now you have the template in your Google Drive!

How do you organize your evidence?


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