HyperDocs 101: Transforming Your Google Docs

What is a HyperDoc?

HyperDocs have been all the rage over the last year. Educators have discovered that there are more ways to use Google Docs than just using the fabulous collaborative tools such as the Comments and Suggestions tools. HyperDocs help teachers transform their learning into blended learning environments. They are engaging, collaborative and inquiry-based. They are MORE than digital worksheets.

Example Template

Here is a template I created using Google Docs. Feel free to Make-a-Copy by clicking the image. My 5 main categories are:

  1. Activate prior knowledge: I really think it’s important to activate prior knowledge before beginning any activity and Vocaroo is a wonderful and quick way for students to record their thinking.
  2. Engage: Consider creating your own tutorial using EdPuzzle. Upload a video or teacher-created screencast and add questions to engage the audience while they watch. Or, find a nice video and add a link to YouTube, Khan Academy, BrainPOP or whatever resource you find engaging.
  3. Apply/Create: Here is where students would create something. Productivity and creativity is the key to HyperDoc engagement. Google Slides, Powtoon, Scratch, screencasting, Google Drawing,  WeVideo are all fabulous creation tools.
  4. Share: The great thing about HyperDocs is you still have the collaborative Google Doc tools such as Comments, Sharing and Suggestions available. I think it would be fabulous for students to share their work and offer feed-back to their peers. Then, you could add your own comments as well.
  5. Self-assess: It is important for students to self-assess their learning once they finish an assignment. Google Forms would be my favorite tools as you could archive the student data in a spreadsheet.  Or, post a link to your favorite rubric!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.14.44 PM

More Great Resources 



Great Websites, Articles/infographics

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Can you use HyperDocs during your “coaching” lessons?

Here is an example HyperDoc that I use with teachers. The idea is for teachers to access the HyperDoc before we meet to preview the material and after to reflect and ask questions. I used Google Slides as I like how the videos will play within the document. Click to Make a Copy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.00.48 PM

Ways to Get Started

  1. Remix a pre-made HyperDoc:  (Checkout this Hyperdoc Extravaganza PadletDon’t reinvent the wheel. View other Hyperdocs and put your own spin on them. Just “Make a Copy” and edit!
  2. Use a Template: Start by using a template posted above. Add your own links and activities to personalize your HyperDoc. Example Templates
  3. Assess the effectiveness of your HyperDoc: Check out this HyperDoc Checklist 


Remember, you are not just creating a digital worksheet. HyperDocs should promote creativity too while reflecting on the needs of the students. HyperDocs should LOOK engaging because they ARE engaging! Students should enjoy the activities as they are learning while creating, collaborating, reflecting, and publishing.  


Give One- Take One at Teachers Give Teachers. And check out the great website from HyperDocs.co LLC. They have done an amazing job curating resources, many of which are linked to on this page.

Want to Remix this Info? HyperDoc 101: Google Doc of this Page to Share

What are your favorite HyperDoc resources?


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