MashUp-Google Keep with Google Docs: Adding Standards to Your Google Doc Lesson Plans

This month, I saw an amazing idea posted on Twitter by one of my favorite edtech gurus, Eric Curts. His thoughts were to use Google Keep to provide students feedback within Google Docs. This idea inspired me to think how I could use Google Keep to make the process of adding standards to my lesson plans less cumbersome. This mashup is such a timesaver as it’s quick, easy and shareable!

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Google Keep 

Go to Keep.Google.Com to start creating your notes. From there, copy and paste your standards. Add labels or a hashtag to each note to make them searchable. I also color code each category. 2017-03-12 19-53-46.png

Step 2: Open your lesson plan in Google Docs

Once you open up your lesson plans, select Tools then choose Keep Notepad. Your notes will appear on the side. 2017-03-12 20-07-31.png

Step 3: Search your notes by label or hashtag

Once your notes open, you want to search by label or hashtag. I prefer organizing by hashtag. As you can see from the screenshot below, I searched for my literature standards by typing in #literature in the search box. 2017-03-12 20-11-54.png

Step 4: Copy and paste your standards into your Google Doc

Once you have your standards open you can copy and paste them right into your lesson plan. It’s easy! And, don’t forget you can share your notes with colleagues by adding them as Collaborators.

Notice the label “Writing Standards” posted below.

screenshot-bpconcjcammlapcogcnnelfmaeghhagj 2017-03-12 20-19-30.png


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