Formative: A Fabulous Assessment Tool

Coaching Question: How can I use technology for formative assessments and collecting data?


There are so many formative assessment tools out there, but very few have the power to transform your instruction by providing feedback and helpful content all while collecting data. With Formative, teachers are able to create powerful formative assessments in a snap.

This morning, a 4th grade teacher was able to set up her Formative classroom and assign  5 questions to use for an assessment within minutes. After pushing the assignment out to students using Google Classroom, students were able to answer questions by:

  • Showing their work
  • Entering short answers
  • Selecting a multiple choice response
  • Determining if statement was True or False

Why did the teacher love this tool so much?

  1. All student work was available on her computer in real-time! As the students worked the teacher could provide feedback, score the responses and export data!
  2. Content such as text, images, and videos were integrated into the assessment. If a student has difficulty then they could use the content for help.
  3. Assignments can be shared with colleagues. No need to re-invent the wheel! Just share assignments quickly via email.
  4. Assignments are archived for future use. 
  5. You can easily export and sort data. Share data with administrators and educators by downloading a spreadsheet and sharing.

Quick Tutorial Video

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