What is Flipped Tech Coaching?

Welcome to the new Flipped Tech Coaching site!

Over the last few years, I have been honored to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. The most challenging part of “coaching” teachers with best practices for technology integration has always been finding the time to co-plan lessons. Teachers have very limited planning time and in my experience many would rather the “coaching” take form as a modeled lesson or a co-teaching experience. Therefore, I have found it extremely beneficial to flip my instruction with teachers by offering them personalized screencasts that they may view whenever they have time.

With flipped coaching my lessons are:

  1. Personalized for each learner.
  2. Archived for future use.
  3. Easy to share with colleagues.
  4. Used as inspiration to visitors on my website.
  5. Time-saving as they may be viewed at any time or location.

How does it work?

I have found that the flipped coaching model works best with the following put into place:

  1. Inquiry: Teachers contact me with their interest for coaching time. The teacher will schedule our meeting time within the form. Example Form.
  2. Personalized Screencast: The teacher will receive their very own personalized flipped lesson for to watch before we meet. This lesson will model how to use a recommended tool and meet the educator’s learning objective. At this point, the teacher should confirm that they have watched the screencast and ask any questions. The lesson will be archived here on the FlippedTechCoaching.com page along with any resources.
  3. Modeled Lesson: During this time I will model the lesson for educators.
  4. Reflection: After our lesson, I will send teachers any requested support materials, answer any questions, and follow up on the next steps.

Google Forms: Makes it happen!

I find that the best way to accomplish all of the above is by using Google Forms. Google Forms allows me to receive the educator’s inquiry, and then follow up with a personalized screencast complete with links to materials and a brief survey about their experience. Their responses can easily be saved into a spreadsheet which will also help me assess, drive and inform my future instruction.

In Summary

Flipped learning has become extremely popular over the years and it is a fabulous way to reteach or differentiate for each learner. I hope this model also helps educators to consider flipping instruction for their students as appropriate.  And, to see the power of creating personalized screencasts for an audience.

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