Creating Mathcasts using GSuite

  • Objective: Students and teachers will create a math screencast explaining how to solve a problem or explain a concept
  • Tools Needed: Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Forms, a screencasting extension such as Screencastify

This year, I have been helping many students and educators learn how to integrate math screencasts, or “mathcasts” into their lesson plans. I find that screencasting really empowers students to take charge of their learning while also creating a valuable digital artifact that may be shared with classmates and parents.


STEP 1: Google Draw or Slides

Create an activity using Google Draw or Slides. Be sure to include the following:

  1. The title of the screencast
  2. The learning objectives
  3. The math problem, any definitions or formulas
  4. A graphic

Your goal is to create a drawing that will be used as the background of your screencast as you record. You do not want everything to already be completed as you will solve the math problem as you record.

Example 4th Grade drawing:Math Screencast - ak 2025mohn.jpg


Download the and extension such as Screencastify to use within in Google Chrome. Then, open up your Google Slideshow or Drawing and create a fabulous tutorial for your students to include in the Slides. When finished, save your screencast into your Google Drive.


Google Forms makes it so easy to pose questions, share videos, and even links. After students watch your screencast, you could have students respond about their learning using the Google Form. After they respond to the lesson, you have the data stored in a spreadsheet to help you drive instruction.

STEP 4: SHARE in Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes it so easy for students to share a link to their presentations! Just have students create a new post or post a link to a presentation assignment! You now have an archive of student work!

Example 4th Grade Screencast Finished Product: Created in 45 Minutes!

Suggested Follow Up Lessons:

  • Using tools to solve the problem as the students speak- Modeling the multiplication and addition number sentences as student speaks. (This student already had the answers on the drawing before she started)
  • Background Noise
  • Adding additional slides/drawings

Grading Rubric 

Screencasting Ideas

  • Create a detailed lesson for Substitute Teacher Plans
  • Create a video library with different concepts for class website archive
  • Flip your classroom with homework using screencasts
  • Create lessons for blended learning activities
  • Jigsaw lessons by having students create screencasts to teach classmates.

One thought on “Creating Mathcasts using GSuite

  1. Amy Glenn-Nielsen says:

    Hi! I am so happy to have found this resource! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I have 1 question…I don’t see a “Step 3.” Can you please advise?


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